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Senior Solutions Agent Spotlight

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

10 Questions with Britney H. Wainscott - Director

Senior Solutions Agent Spotlight - Britney H. Wainscott
10 Questions with Britney H. Wainscott - Director

Our agents were asked the same ten questions, and from those questions, we created a unique little story just for you. So this week, we would like you to meet Britney H. Wainscott.

When Britney was a little girl, she dreamed of being a teacher and a mama, and today she has become just that. At Senior Solutions, Brit or B (as she is known to be called) is one of our Directors leading her team and clients to Medicare victory! If she ever has the misfortune (or fortune depending on how you see it) of being on a deserted island, she would, of course, want to bring her family. And a boat. Oh, and a fire starter, a machete, and a durable pot, because if nothing else, she is always prepared.

Britney, a person who has never had a cavity in her life, enjoys her job. The best thing is that she gets to Love God and love people each day she goes to work. However, when she is not working, you may catch her rewatching 24 and Below Deck, that is of course, if she is not cleaning or organizing her house - even though she would instead rather be planning vacations and going on them.

During the fall, her favorite season, football is on the tv with the scents of a good fall candle, and chili on the stove flowing through the house with the windows wide open.

The 10 Questions.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. The thing I love most about my job is that I get to love God and love people each day I go to work

Q. Any Nicknames?

A. Brit or B

Q. What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up?

A. I wanted to be a teacher and a mom

Q. Tell me one unique thing about you?

A. I have never had a cavity

Q. What are your Hobbies?

A. Does cleaning or organizing my house count because that is what I spend my spare time doing. However, something I do enjoy doing would be planning vacations and then going on them!

Q. What are you binge-watching/reading?

A. I went back and started over on 24 and Below Deck

Q. Favorite Quote?

A. One of my favorite quotes is by Michael Jordan “I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Q. Favorite Season and Why?

A. Fall, I love Football windows open, a good fall candle, and chili on the stove

Q. Which Historical Figure would you most want to meet?

A. I am going to have to go with the popular answer on this one and say if I could meet anyone from History, I would pick Jesus

Q. What three things would you bring to a deserted island?

A. I am going to assume I can’t say a boat to leave?? Or people, because I would surely need to bring my family. But besides those, I will take lessons learned from popular tv shows, - and bring a firestarter, a machete, and a durable pot.

Now that you have met Britney, it's time to know what she specializes in. Britney is a licensed agent with Senior Solutions, and at Senior Solutions, we understand how confusing #Medicare can be, but it does not have to be. Our team comprises caring individuals who are consistently arming themselves with the knowledge it takes to care for your Medicare and #Retirement needs.

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